The Rules Of The Game

Welcome Treasure Hunters, to the first official internet search for DGX tokenized gold. Below you will find clues to a 66 character private key that, once discovered, you can use to unlock an Etherscan contract with 9.99 grams of DGX gold tokens. The first treasure hunter to solve these clues, and access the pre-loaded contract, will automatically receive the DGX gold to the digital wallet used to write the contract. We have done our best to make the clues fun, relevant, and not-so-simple to solve. Here you will find the clues in which: 

C = Character (a digit or lowercase letter), and;

The number next to a C represents its position in the 66 character key.

Here is the link to the Etherscan contract that holds the DGX treasure.

To unlock the treasure, you must:

  1. open your Metamask wallet to access the contract
  2. click the button that reads Contract (with the green checkmark)
  3. then click the button that says Write Contract
  4. enter the correct the 66 characters ( _secret (bytes32) ) for 1. unlockTreasure

If you manage to solve all of the clues correctly, and you are the first treasure hunter enter the 66 character key, the 9.99 DGX gold tokens will automatically transfer to your Metamask wallet! 

And here is the full link to the contract with the treasure:

Good luck treasure hunters!