The Clues were released:

July 19, 2019

14:00 GMT

Good Luck!

C1, 2, & 3. Identify the DGX (Digix Gold Token) contract on Etherscan. The first 3 characters of the DGX contract match the first 3 characters of the private key needed to unlock the DGX gold. Place them in the same order.

C4. When jewelry consists of 37.5% gold, how many karats does it measure?

C5. If you ever travel to Singapore, you can stay at an exquisite hotel located at Two Temasek Boulevard, 038982. In the hotel there is a highly acclaimed dim sum restaurant, offering “refined  Cantonese delicacies”. If you’d like to make a reservation, you’ll want to call ahead. Including the country code you would dial, the restaurant’s phone # consists of 10 digits. What is the 5th digit of this telephone #?

C6. Check out this movie clip. In the film, Willy’s nickname contains a number. That number goes here.

C7. On the 19th of April 2019, Digix Global posted to IPFS a Delivery Note for an additional 5000 grams of gold, with the tokenization of five 1kg Royal Canadian Mint gold bars, delivered by SilverGoldBull in Canada. The serial #’s to the five bars begin with the same letter and numeral. Place here the first numeral in the serial #’s of those gold bars. For the answer, rummage around the Digix website.

C8. In what period of the periodic table would you find the elemental symbol for gold?

C9. In Greek mythology, the golden fleece was from a golden-haired ram, and was worn as a symbol of authority and kingship. Which Greek god in stories is said to be the father of the ram? Find that god on a 2016 gold commemorative 100 Euro coin. The Greek letter just above his back foot must be placed here. 

C10. Watch this clip and enjoy. Find the letter on the bottom right corner of the flag, drawn inside the anchor, and place it here.

C11. If I held 279.931326579 grams of gold, how many full Troy ounces would I have? Place that answer here.

C12.  六 x 五 – 三十 + 零 = ?

C13. In 1948 Lawrence Olivier won the Golden Globe award for Best Actor in what film? The film was based on a play by which author? There is a pub in London named for this author, on a street with a palace. They serve a fruity cider that has three berries as ingredients: Raspberries, Blueberries, and ____berries. The first letter of the missing berry is the letter for this clue.

C14. If you write down the numbers from 1 to 100, how many times will you write the number 9? Now divide your answer by 10.

C15. Identify the mint that in 2007 produced gold coins weighing 3215 troy ounces. How many of these coins would you need to equal at least $2 million in face value?                                   

C16. Watch this clip to find out how many glowing Sankara Stones there are in the skull. 

C17. According to this video, how many olympic sized swimming pools would be filled by adding all the gold ever mined on earth? 

C18. How many DGX would you need to equal the weight of a 2019 Chinese gold panda coin with a face value of 100 Chinese yuan?

C19. JM Bullion is a precious metal seller that currently allows you to purchase gold and silver with two different cryptocurrencies. The trading symbol for both of those cryptocurrencies begin with this letter. 

C20. There are several gold coins laid in a row on a table. If one coin is the 4th from the left and 6th from the right, how many coins are on the table?

C21. According to this video, how many owners are there for every 1 ounce of gold in existence? 

C22. In Greek mythology, what King famously turned everything he touched into gold? Take the 3rd letter of his name and place it here.

C23. Choose a number from 1-100. Double it. Add 10 to it. Divide it by 2. Subtract the original number. Place the remainder here.

C24. If I buy 3 quantities of these chocolate bars for $58.14 each, sell half my bars at a 3 dollar profit each, eat twenty bars, give seventeen bars as gifts, melt 10 bars to make pudding, and trade 7 bars for a Digix T-shirt, how many ounces of chocolate will I have left?  

C25. In the Digix Global marketplace, DGX can be purchased in 2 different trading pairs. One pair is DGX/ETH. The other is DGX/___. Place the 2nd letter of this trading pair here.

C26. A titan of global industry once famously said, “Gold Is Money, Everything Else Is Credit.” How many letters were in his middle name?

C27. Identify the mint where the gold coin shown here was produced. At what time in the afternoon does their UK office close?

C28. What is the first letter of the golden animal that Moses found the Israelites worshipping when he descended Mount Sinai in the Old Testament? 

C29. Digix recently partnered with an Ethereum-based peer-to-peer lending platform, making DGX gold tokens available as asset-backed collateral. To call this partner in Vietnam, the last 3 numbers to dial are 949. What is the first letter in the US state where this companies LLC is based?

C30. Listen to this EthHub podcast with Digix co-founder Shaun Djie. At the time of publication, how many active moderators did Shaun say there were on the DigixDao decentralized platform?

C31. The most malleable of all metals, it is said that one gram of gold can be hammered into a sheet measuring __ square meter(s). 

C32. Tag along on this treasure hunt for a few minutes. How many treasure chests are opened on the raft?

C33. B’den sonra gelen mektup.

C34. On what date of January 2009 did the bitcoin network come into existence when Satoshi Nakamoto mined the genesis block of bitcoin?

C35 & C36. According to this article, gold really does grow on trees. The article also states that gold discoveries have declined significantly over the last decade, by roughly _ _ %. Fill in the blanks of the percentage and place those numbers for C35 & C36.

C37. Go on another gold hunting adventure here. According to the warning, how many opened doors will lead to destruction?

C38. According to this article, America’s national debt is more than how many times greater than the entire gold market?

C39. The Digix Dao accumulates fees from on-chain transactions of DGX, as well as from fees related to the storage of physical gold in vaults. What is the first letter in the term for the fees associated with this type of gold storage?   

C40. According to this recent news report, Germany’s gold reserves equal $1×4.7 billion. Replace the x with the correct number. 

C41. The first letter in the periodic symbol for gold.

C42. In this recent interview with Digix CEO Kai C Chng, Kai mentions two new jurisdictions that would be well-placed locations for Digix’s physical gold storage. Both of these locations end with this letter. 

C43. Have a look at this Treasure Map. What letter represents the direction you would walk to get from the The Old Oak Tree to the Mountain Side Caves? Place that letter here.

C44 & 45. Watch this clip from The Big Short. How much bigger is the market for insuring mortgage bonds than the actual value of mortgages? The two digits of this number are the next two digits in the key.

C46. The Bank of England claims to have more than 400,000 bars of gold stored in its underground vaults, making them the world’s second largest custodian. According to the Bank of England’s website, how many underground vaults do they have?

C47. Take some time to explore Istanbul here, and climb the Hagia Sofia. What letter releases you from your paraglider?

C48. On July 19th, check the official Digix Twitter account for the clue to this answer

C49. 9 Kilograms of Gold weighs how many Kilograms of Silver?

C50. In her novel Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand wrote of money : “Those pieces of paper, which should have been gold, are a token of honor—your claim upon the energy of the men who produce.” Which character in the novel spoke those words? What was the first letter in the first name of the female character he was romantically involved with in the novel?

C51. If you were to have a gold filling in your 2nd Bicuspid, what single-digit number might your dentist use to let his assistant know which tooth to fill?

C52. For an alchemist, the Magnum Opus would be to discover the substance represented by the image below, by turning ordinary metals into gold. The substance consists of two words, the last letter of the 2nd word must be placed here.

C53. Check out all of these great places to spend your DGX in Singapore! If I were in the mood for some delicious Frog Meat, which number would I go to on the map?

C54. In 2018, what number did China rank among the world’s top gold producing nations?

C55. Check out this new menu item being served at Hard Rock Cafe. How many dollars from each burger sold will go to charity?

C56. Watch this clip and hold on. What musical instrument does Alice encounter on the way down? Take the third letter of that instrument and place it here.

C57. As told in this article, between 1999 – 2002 The UK Treasury, wanting an investment that would generate interest, chose to liquidate 50% of its gold to buy U.S. treasury bills. The gold was auctioned off for under $300 per ounce. The article calls this a costly financial mistake which cost British taxpayers upwards of how many billions of £ pounds? 

C58. Check out the retweet by @Digixglobal on June 4, 2019. If the rows of logos you see were marked across by letters, and down by numbers, what letter would you use to identify the Digix logo?

C59. Treasure Hunt creator Forrest Fenn wrote a book in 2010 which included a poem to help discover a $2,000,000 value treasure he hid. The 9th number in the books international standard book number is the answer.

C60. What is the boiling point for gold measured in Celcius? Add all of the digits in the boiling point together, and you’ll have the answer to this clue.

C61. Gold is often considered a good protection against a sustained increase in the general prices of goods and services. What is the term for such a sustained increase in prices? The 3rd letter of this term must be placed here.

C62. Have a look at this record-setting coin produced by the Perth Mint. How many tonnes of liquid gold were poured in order to create the finished product?

C63. How many kilograms of physical gold does Digix have stored with partner vaults in China?

C64. What is the first letter in the name of the third-party auditor that verifies Digix Global’s physical gold deposits?

C65. Thus far, how many times has the letter Q appeared in the private key needed to unlock the DGX treasure?

C66. Watch this video that shows how to activate and use your digital Digix Xpass payment card. How many USD worth of DGX does the user top up with?

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