Digix & SeSocio: Make Digital Gold Tokens (DGX) Available in Latin America

This article was originally published 6/24/2019 by Laura Zhang on Medium.

  • SeSocio now offers on its platform Digix’s gold-backed DGX stablecoin
  • SeSocio and Digix partnership highlights the importance of making accessible safe stores of value to the public.

24 June 2019 — SeSocio announces today its partnership with Digix, one of the pioneer companies on Ethereum since 2014. The partnership enables anyone in Latin America to buy investment grade gold backed tokens (DGX) on the blockchain to secure their financial future.

SeSocio (“be a partner” in Spanish) offers individuals in the Latin American market curated access to opportunities and projects globally. Together with Digix, SeSocio furthers its mission of democratizing investments, by enabling anyone to buy digital tokens that are safe, secure, audited, and backed by the stability of physical gold. Digix works with the goal of unlocking the fungibility of traditionally-illiquid gold bullion.

Digix is the world’s first asset tokenization company using blockchain technology to account for the provenance and verification of physical gold bars, issuing DGX tokens on the blockchain. Every DGX token represents 1 gram of gold that is stored in accredited precious metal vaults in Singapore and Canada. DGX tokens are also redeemable for investment grade gold bullion.

SeSocio is the leading Latin American investment marketplace. Users can find all types of ventures — real estate projects, dividend-sharing cash machines, startups, cryptocurrencies and many more. By introducing vastly underutilized alternative sources of capital, SeSocio also allows companies and entrepreneurs to seek partners to fund projects in a quicker, direct fashion that is traditionally tedious and difficult.

“We are really excited to introduce Digix to the Latin American market. Bringing the DGX token and Digix brand into our platform showcases our aspiration to expand opportunities for Latin Americans into Asia, where the markets are receptive and proactive towards blockchain technology and could be a good way to diversify one’s portfolio,” said Guido Quaranta, CEO and founder of SeSocio.

“We have seen the possibility of harnessing gold more intuitively as a means of value exchange beyond a traditional asset class. By making DGX available in the Latin American region through SeSocio, we allow Latin Americans to diversify risk and store value in a different geographical region as a way to better preserve their personal wealth from inflation and political uncertainty. This process encompasses Digix’s spirit of greater financial inclusivity and making investing more accessible to the masses,” said Shaun Djie, COO and co-founder of Digix.

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